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You are possibly reading this website because you are looking for information on Counselling & Psychotherapy in your local area, perhaps for yourself or a person close to you. Taking care of ourselves, including our own wellbeing is a powerful and fulfilling investment to make in our lives. 


Counselling is setting aside a time with a qualified professional to explore difficulties you may be having including stressful or emotional feelings which are having a negative impact on your life.


I see counselling as a powerful tool to support the changes you may want to make in your life. The belief of Humanistic Counselling is that all human beings given the right conditions have the capacity for change. 


Counselling is a positive way of helping you cope with changes in your life, managing feelings, allowing your emotions, and discovering inner resource you may not have been aware you possessed. 


It can be difficult sharing these painful emotions or experiences with family or friends for fear of hurting or upsetting them, or perhaps feeling judged. 

I provide an empathic, non-judgmental space in comfortable rooms in Bexhill & Seaford.


We will move at your own pace and I will ensure you feel supported and safe. 


The following are a few examples of reasons clients may have come to counselling:


  • Overwhelmed with your grief for a loved one and feeling stuck.


  • Experiencing loss in your life may feel like a bereavement, whether a breakup of a relationship, your child going to university, moving house, or a change in your identity.  All these are only a few example of how loss can manifest in our lives.


  • Maybe you want to feel happier, more peaceful and inspired in your life, but you feel something is getting in your way.  You may be longing to move forward to your dreams and goals but don’t know how to deal with the sense of fear or confusion which seems to arise. 


  • Perhaps you are worried, anxious or feeling overwhelmed and may be experiencing some of the health issues that can come from ongoing stress. 


  • You may want to be able to understand and manage fear, anxiety or anger more effectively, or have an incident or situation in your life that remains unresolved.


  • Maybe you are struggling to find a sense of meaning or purpose in your life.  You feel that you are ready for a change of direction but feel unsure of where to start 

We can work together to ensure you gain a better understanding of who you are and perhaps a sense of where you may move forward in your life.  We can use different strategies to find more clarity in your life.


It is my belief, that given the right  therapeutic conditions, and taking an active role and responsibility for our lives, positive change can occur. I can to provide the tools to enable awareness in yours.


Whatever the initial reason you have begun looking into counselling as an option,  I hope after reading about the way I work, you will get a better sense of who I am and how I may help you. 


Perhaps you are not content to continue your life’s patterns or behaviours and need answers to how you can begin to change and thus enrich your life.

These answers are within you.  I believe you are the expert on yourself.  As yet, you may not be aware how to change these patterns of behaviour, and need the support of a counsellor to find the sense of self.



After you make your initial contact we can communicate either by email, text or phone discussing a  brief summary about your reason or current situation and circumstance that has prompted you to call.  If you feel comfortable we can agree a time to meet.

Counselling is a unique relationship between client and counsellor.  We will only talk about you and your situation and needs.  The counselling relationship is unusual, so far as you will not know details about me.  This ensures the ethical boundaries of therapy are strong. Ensuring you feel safe and understood.  You are the expert on yourself and I will listen empathically, without judgment and from your perspective.  This is different from speaking to family and friends, who may give their own opinion or you may be concerned you may offend or hurt them.  Every session you can bring something you wish to discuss or see what feels potent on the day.  


Our first session is 30 mins and normally about what you would like to gain from counselling.  I can offer both long and short term counselling. We can talk about the work we could do together. In our initial 30 minute session, I’ll answer  questions you may have about the Humanistic approach I use and  the counselling process in general.


Because every person is unique and has different needs we will discuss what you would like to work with and at your own pace.  Counselling is not an easy ride, sometimes hard, but invariably enlightening. I will ensure that you feel safe and supported throughout our sessions together.  I work with the strict ethical framework of the BACP. The road to self-awareness is very rewarding.  


Short term - Normally anything up to 24 sessions.  We would normally meet every week for 6 sessions, this allows the therapeutic connection between us to evolve,  after which we can discuss how and if you would like to move on to further sessions.

Long term counselling – normally over and above 24 session, and is often termed as Psychotherapy. We can meet every week, however sessions in terms of weekly can become more flexible. 




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