After you make your initial contact we can communicate either by email, text or phone discussing a  brief summary about your reason or current situation and circumstance that has prompted you to call.  If you feel comfortable we can agree a time to speak over the phone and to meet.

Counselling is a unique relationship between client and counsellor.  We will only talk about you and your situation and needs.  The counselling relationship is unusual, in so far as you will not know details about me.  This ensures the ethical boundaries of therapy are strong. Ensuring you feel safe and understood.  You are the expert on yourself and I will listen empathically, without judgment and from your perspective.  This is different from speaking to family and friends, who may give their own opinion or you may be concerned you may offend or hurt them.  Every session you can bring something you wish to discuss or see what feels potent on the day.  

Our first session is and normally about what you would like to gain from counselling.  I can offer both long and short term counselling. We can talk about the work we could do together.  this first session is a good time to ask  questions you may have about the Humanistic approach I use and  the counselling process in general.

Because every person is unique and has different needs we will discuss what you would like to work with and at your own pace.  Counselling is not an easy journey, sometimes hard, but invariably enlightening. I will ensure that you feel safe and supported throughout our sessions together.  I work with the strict ethical framework of the BACP. The road to self-awareness is very rewarding.  

Short term - anything up to 24 sessions.  We would normally meet every week for 6 sessions, this allows the therapeutic connection between us to evolve,  after which we can discuss how and if you would like to move on to further sessions.

Long term counselling – normally over and above 24 session, and is often termed as Psychotherapy. We can meet every week, however sessions in terms of weekly can become more flexible. 


You may be worried about someone you care about and want to suggest they have support. I am happy to chat by telephone about your concerns. I can send you details of my practice to give to the person you are concerned about and suggest ways in which I can be contacted. Ultimately it will be their choice if they decide to work with me.