Outlines our responsibilities towards each other.

Please read this carefully and confirm, in writing (via email), that you have read, understood and agree to the measures below.


During practice hours, I will do the following:


Sanitise my hands between clients


Wipe down surfaces, inc. tables, doors, credit card reader and bathroom facilities between client’s sessions.


I will open the window between clients in order to air out the room


I will provide pocket tissues for your use (bin provided)


Provide hand washing facilities and hand sanitiser in the counselling room.


The Counselling room.


1)Please press intercom bell and I will buzz you in. All internal doors will be open. Please close each one behind you. On entering the building please continue into the bathroom to wash your hands (Hand wash and paper towels provided and specific bin for disposal) then continue and enter the counselling room. 


2) On entering the room please take a seat on the sofa. My chair will be 2 metres away.


3) Drinking water – please bring bottled water if you require this in session.


4) Please pay by bank transfer in advance of your appointment OR by card machine (which will be sanitized between clients) Do not pay by cash


5) We will practice physical distancing during sessions and avoid physical contact, i.e. hand shaking. Please note: I will not be wearing a face mask during sessions.

What I will do if I am symptomatic: I will contact you as soon as possible to let you know if I have to cancel sessions and again to let you know when sessions resume, or alternatives.

What you should do if you are symptomatic: If you are experiencing any symptoms, however mild, you should not attend your session. Please let me know via email, text or voicemail that you are cancelling your session. 


You may also opt for alternative provision if you feel well enough to participate in sessions remotely (Online or Telephone)


Alternative provision: If you cannot attend sessions due to having to self-isolate, or if you are worried about attending at any point, please let me know. I can, where practicable, offer you the alternative of either telephone or video counselling. If you would like further information about these ways of working, please let me know.